do risk assessment table on the risks of hydraulic fracture, assignment help

My task is on the risk of the (hydraulic fracturing technique) which is a technique of extraction oil and gas, however I would like you to write in separate, the risk of this process and put a table of risk assessment plan for each risk as it it the assessment plane which shown in the attachment. For example, you should write the first risk as below:

  • Chemical risk: name all the chemical which been used in the process and the bad effect of this chemical on humans and environment and then put the suitable risk assessment plan in table (same as table attachment).
  • Equipment risk: also mention the risks and its effect and put a risk assessment plan on how to manage and minimize the risk.
  • Earthquake risk : same as above
  • Gas pollution risk
  • Under ground water contamination risk:
  • Water contamination:
  • pollution risk
  • Etc ( the other risk)

Not: under each table write some solutions or alternative of the risk subject, eg: alternative for the chemical used.

Some reference In Harvard style is needed.

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