discusses evolution, natural selection, and medicine

Be sure that you follow the Student Instructions and address all of the Guiding Questions, but remember that you are writing an essay that integrates ideas and information. In other words, do not simply provide a series of answers to the Guiding Questions. Internal integrity, organization, and structure to your essay are of vital importance. (400-600 word)(*** Make sure that you demonstrate your comprehension of the topics in your own words (quotes are inadvisable as they demonstrate the author’s knowledge, not yours*****). 1. What is evolution by natural selection (including all the components of natural selection)? —2. What is Darwinian medicine, what does it attempt to explain (and what doesn’t it attempt to explain)?—3. What are some specific ways that Darwinian medicine can aid in medicine? Choose some to discuss and illustrate with examples. Why is this approach important? (i.e. identifying which diseases have pandemic potential, realizing that we will always have lower back issues, identifying the unlying cause of a symptom observed, etc…)—4. Step through the interaction of pathogen virulence, transmission, and evolution by natural selection.—5. How can evolution either benefit/harm the human race within the context of medicine?—6. What is the time scale of evolution in this context? Is that different than the usual time scale that most people use for evolution? Why/Why not?( there are 4 URL link that i’ll give after offer)

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