Discuss where you think personality psychology research is headed.

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Discussion: Typical vs. Atypical Development

Discussion Topic

Throughout this course, we have explored different aspects of development, and research has presented a variety of influences in the form of biological, social, emotional, and cognitive domains. At the end of nearly every chapter reading, a holistic position began to emerge that acknowledges the contribution by each domain. In our final discussion, reflect on whether a holistic approach is just as effective for accounting for atypical development as it is for typical development. Utilize examples from the course to support your position, or consider using an issue of atypical development to provide context (e.g., autism or antisocial behavior).

Discussion: Future Research in Personality Psychology

Discussion Topic

Discuss where you think personality psychology research is headed.

In your initial post, consider the following questions:

Do you see limitations in current personality research?

What types of research would address these limitations?

What are the key areas of future research in personality psychology?

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