discuss for this question is Theodore “Ted” Kaczynski, science homework help

The terrorist I chose to discuss for this question is Theodore “Ted” Kaczynski. He is an individual terrorist in that he was not associated with any terrorist group (McEntire, 2009, 65). Kaczynski is opposed to technology and wrote a manifesto on the topic (McEntire, 2009, 66). In his manifesto, he discussed that there are extreme consequences that accompany technological advances (McEntire, 2009, 65). While acknowledging the increased life expectancy in countries with advanced technology, he believes that the quality of life was diminished. Kaczynski believes that a revolution was necessary against these advancements and that violence may be necessary to achieve the desired outcome. The goal was not political, but was one against the economic and technological aspects of society. He is known as the Unabomber and his attacks were aimed at college professors and corporate leaders (McEntire, 2009, 66). He was responsible for at least 15 bombings across the United States that claimed the lives of three people while injuring 22 others. This type of terrorist is known as a long-wolf terrorist, since he acted alone.

Ted Kaczynski is known as an ecoterrorist and antitechnologist with a goal on destroying equipment and machinery and destruction of property (Mahan & Griset, 2013, 189). He was a mathematics professor who became an anarchist with an “earth first” ideology (Mahan & Griset, 2013, 217). He mailed bombs to professors and universities. He lives in a remote shack in Montana, where he built his explosives. He alluded capture by the FBI and threatened to continue his attacks unless his manifesto was published. It was published in the Washington Post and New York Times in a decision that was widely debated. After his conviction, Kaczynski was sent to the federal prison in Florence, Colorado, which is used to house terrorist who are legally convicted in U.S. courts ((Mahan & Griset, 2013, 325).

Kaczynski is classified as a crazy, meaning that he was regarded as being psychologically disturbed (McEntire, 2009, 66). He was given this classification because the reasoning for his attacks was not logical to others.


Mahan, S., & Griset, P. L. (2013). Terrorism in perspective (3rd ed.). Los Angeles: Sage.

McEntire, D. A. (2009). Introduction to homeland security: Understanding terrorism with an emergency management perspective. New York: Wiley.

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