Diabetes problem in the community of the Bronx NY, assignment help

Select a community health problem in you hometown, then using the factors that affect the health of the community noted in this chapter analyze and discuss in a two-page paper at least three factors that contribute to the problem in your hometown.

Problem in the community: Diabetes

Factors: Physical Factors: (Weight)

              Social and Cultural Factors: (Race and Age)

              Individual Behaviors : (Inactivity)

Based on the topic you selected in the first assignment, research the community organizations available to your neighborhood that addresses this issue. There are also local national non profit and governmental agencies that shape community health. Write a 2-3 page paper that describes these organizations and how they can help address the community health problem you wrote.

I picked these three organization that provide service the community of Bronx NY:

The American Diabetes Association’s

Centers for Disease Control: Division of Diabetes Translation
Diabetes Advocacy Alliance

MLA stype
Double space
I need the essays for tomorrow afternoon.


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