describe the history of mental health diagnosis

(Word guidance: 100 words,)
You should write an introduction that explains why we need a diagnostic process in mental health. To properly set the scene for your answer you will also need to explain whether you will be arguing that integrating biological psychological and social factors in diagnosis is valuable or not.

You should then aim to write four separate paragraphs (Word guidance: 200 words each) as follows:
1. A paragraph describing the history of mental health diagnosis. (200 WORDS)

2. A paragraph describing the case formulation approach to diagnosis. (200 WORDS)

3. A paragraph illustrating the usefulness of the case formulation approach by drawing on
evidence and examples. (200 WORDS)

4. A paragraph discussing/illustrating the limitations of diagnosis. (200 WORDS)

Finally, you should write a conclusion drawing your argument to a close. You should make a final judgement on the benefits of integrating the different factors in the diagnostic process. (Word 100 words)

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