Define the following terms (5 pts): atom b. element c. molecule d. compound e. ion 2.

1. Define the following terms (5 pts):

           a. atom

           b. element

           c. molecule

           d. compound

           e. ion

2. Given your knowledge of the structure of atoms, for the following atoms draw the electron shells of each atom and predict how many bonds each atom should form. The atomic number for each atom is given. You should hand draw the electron shells (no copying pictures from the internet). (6 pts)

           a. oxygen (O) = 8

           b. carbon (C) = 6

           c. nitrogen (N) = 7

3. Describe what it means that a molecule is polar and how a polar molecule would interact with water (answer needs to be written; drawings alone will be insufficient). (2 pts)

4. Explain why a fatty acid (structure shown below) will self-organize and not interact with water. You should include how a fatty acid self-organizes in the presence of water. (21 pts)

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