debates and defensive behavior

1- i need an example from real life in U.S.A about (debates and defensive behavior)

here is some example of the assignment


In 1993, the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) was established in order to promote sustainability in the building and construction industry. In 2000, the USGBC unveiled their development of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification system as a wary to single out commercial, institutional and residential projects noteworthy for their stellar environmental and health performance in both the United States and abroad. 
The LEED rating system has undergone much scrutiny throughout the years of its existence. The first article is from 2011 and reveals public concern about the LEED rating system as well as response from the CEO of the USGBC.


PDF document Claims-making and framing in British newspaper coverage of the Brent Spar controversy – Hansen.pdf

PDF document Fantasy Themes and Rhetorical Visions in the Brent Spar Crisis – Kruse.pdf

PDF document Eco-identity as discursive struggle – Livesey.pdf

In 1995, Greenpeace discovered Shell Oil’s plans to sink a decommissioned oil storage and tanker loading buoy in the North Sea. Greenpeace activists boarded the buoy and occupied it for 3 weeks. The media backlash was so severe, that Shell changed its plans, and eventually recycled much of the buoy for constructing other projects. I found a lot of really interesting articles on the rising public concerns surrounding this issue. The Kruse and Hansen articles are examinations of language used in a variety of different newspapers (UK, Germany, and France), exploring how different language was used to frame the situation and the players. 

The Livesey piece looks more at Shell v.s. Greenpeace’s struggle to define the situation a certain way using different types of language. 


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