Critical Reflections Paper 2-3 page APA

1. Introduction (25%) Provide a brief synopsis of the meaning (not a description) of each Chapter and articles you read, in your own words.

2. Your Critique (50%)

What is your reply to the content of the articles and the chapters?

What did you learn about Marketing Tools and techniques? How you can apply them to improve your Health Care Setting?

What did you acquire about get ready for an Emergency? How you can report an emergency using The National Incident Management System?

Did these Chapter and articles change your judgements and Opinions about Structural Contingency Theory? If so, how? If not, what remained the same?

3. Conclusion (15%)

Briefly summarize your thoughts & conclusion to your critique of the articles and Chapter you read.How did these articles and Chapters influence your opinions about Marketing Health and getting ready and prepared for Emergencies?

Evaluation will be based on how clearly you respond to the above, in particular:

a) The clarity with which you critique the articles;

b) The depth, scope, and organization of your paper; and,

c) Your conclusions, including a description of the impact of these articles and Chapters on any Health Care Setting Organization and planning.…

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