Create an Organization management proposal for quality and performance Community Health Center

  • Introduction (5 points / 25%) Offer an abstract thatprovide a brief outlook of the proposal and explaining in your own words what is meant by a good customer service through effective performance management and organization.

2. Your Organizational Management Proposal for Quality and Performance Plan(10 points 50%)

a. Presentation Page:








b. MISSION STATEMENT: Mention the Health Care Setting’s mission. New Page.

c. Purpose of the Organizational Management Proposal for Quality and Performance Plan: The purpose of this plan must be base in support and promote accomplishment of a health care organization mission, goals and also quality customer’s service and good performance.

d. An effective Organizational management proposal:

Should include the following elements designed with customer satisfaction as the focus:

  • Setting individual and team goals that are alignedand associated with the health care setting:
  • Establish a measurement system.
  • Providing adequate, timely feedback.
  • Rewarding and recognizing desired performance.

Goal setting is the first element of an effective Organizational proposal plan.Individual and team customer service goal should be aligned, discussion and remark.

*Research in goal setting:

*Who are your customers?Internal and external customers.

* Setting Goals and standards forQuality and performance

Measuring or quantifying customer needs, expectations and satisfaction is a basic requirement. Effective customer research for setting goal centers on measuring the issues that are truly important for the customers: Good quality service.

These are the steps for developing a Measurement system to by apply at the Health Care Organization you choose:

* Identify the goals that need to be measure.

* develop performance indicators to measure the service stablish in the goal setting.

* Involve employees, they will be more likely it accept and be committed to reach the goal.

The following are suggestion and possible measurement system you can acquired and adapted to your health care facility:

1. Post-incident surveys by channel. Following an interaction, asking customers about the agent’s customer service skills, technical knowledge, completeness of solution provided, time to respond and resolve and satisfaction to measure both effectiveness and consistency across channels.

2. Self-service and/or community experience. Asking customers if they found the answers they needed and if they have suggestions to make the site or its content more useful.

3. Relationship surveys. Quarterly or annual surveys that ask about overall support experience, satisfaction with products and value received.

4. Customer loyalty. Questions that should put your customer retention team into action if answered negatively include: Do you intend to continue purchasing products from this vendor?Would you recommend the brand to your peers?

Feedback is a very important component of a successful Organizational Management Proposal. Individual who receive a feedback on performance relative to their goals will more commit to their goals. Characteristic of the feedback: Specific (Goal by Goal), Timely (Day-to-day, Week-to-week) Appropriate (Correct manner that will help improve performance best.)

Organizational Management Proposal should provide built-in incentives that will promote high-quality customer service; some examples: Monetary Incentives, Nonmonetary Recognition.

3. Conclusion (3 points / 15%)

Briefly recapitulate your thoughts & conclusion to you Organizational Management Proposal plan.How did this Organizational Management Proposal plan impact your thoughts on Health Care Administrator?

Evaluation will be based on how clearly you respond to the above, in particular:

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