Consultation on Global Influenza Surveillance, health and medicine homework help

  1. Read the following articles. Please note the variety of health policies that are put into place by different countries to address the same health issues.
    1. “Consultation on Global Influenza Surveillance, Geneva, 10–12 July 2013” –…
    2. “World Bank to Help Togo Protect Vulnerable Women and Children from Malaria and Malnutrition”:
    3. “Hawaii Health Marketplace Off to an Especially Rough Start”:,0,6901935.story#axzz2uYWP2wnr
  2. Using workshop readings and your own online research, create a presentation covering in detail at least 15 concepts, substantiated with facts and figures. Include the following topics in your presentation:
    1. Compare and contrast the healthcare systems of Canada, Sweden, and China. Examine these healthcare delivery systems and discuss whether any of them could work in the United States. Expand upon how each country finances and provides healthcare to its citizens.
    2. Analyze the problems surrounding financing the U.S. healthcare system, including:
      1. The costs of defensive medicine
      2. Public and private health insurance plans and delivery systems
      3. Health outcomes versus medical expenditures
      4. The costs of administering healthcare, and who bears that cost
  3. You can present your topic using a variety of methods, including PowerPoint,

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