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New Urbanism Principles describe a philosophy of community design taken from the book Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream, your recommended reading for this week. The principles suggest that a community should promote walkability, the state of accommodating walking. To do that, the authors recommend the following: streets should be narrow and sidewalks wide; services should be located close to residences; garages should be in back, off of alleys; houses should be close together and close to the street; and a mixture of homes of varying sizes and costs should be spread throughout the community to promote diversity. The design of the homes themselves should encourage interaction with neighbors and a sense of place. A full list of the principles can be found here: New Urbanism proposes a “smart growth” development plan of the country’s sprawling suburbs. The article Neighborhood Design and Walking Trips in Ten US Metropolitan Area discusses how neighborhood design impacts walkability in U.S. cities. 1 After reading the article above and researching the New Urbanism Smart Score card criteria, how would you rate your community, the place you are using for your Portfolio Project? 2 How does what you observed in your own community relate as far as the importance of community health? 3 This week, If you can’t find any New Urbanism designs at work where you live, go online and find 3-4 structures or neighborhood elements that illustrate these design principles. Describe their history and why they were built. 4 In your post, also include the following points: ¥ Does your community suffer from urban sprawl? ¥ Is your community at risk of (greater) urban sprawl in the future? ¥ How would New Urbanism designs help to reduce problems you see in your community? Are there any policies that would help reduce urban sprawl in your community?