Comment and response to articles

  1. Response to Bhojani et al.: After reading the Bhojani et al. article for Week 1, please make a comment sharing your response to the article. If you’re not sure what you think, consider responding to these questions : A- How does the article inform your thinking about the ethical responsibilities of public health professionals in the context of health systems in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs)? B- Identify two or three aspects of the circumstances described in the authors’ results that you would consider to be ethical issues
  2. Response to Kingori Illustrations: Please view the illustrations in the slideshow and post a comment in response. You may comment on either of the two illustrations in the slide show; please try to help balance the number of comments by class members between the two illustrations. (That is, if there are already many more comments on one illustration, please comment on the other.) Consider answering one of the following questions in your comment: Please highlighte what you going to answer.
  • What do you think is going on in the scene?
  • What issues or questions does this scene raise for you in thinking about the kinds of ethical challenges that confront public health professionals in LMIC settings?
  • Compare these illustrations to the circumstances described in the article by Bhojani et al. How are the ethical challenges similar or different in the two settings?

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