Climate Graph Homework

You will be assigned one of eight data sets.

Part I. Construct a climatograph (see the sample below to help you set it up). I will provide you with graph paper in class.

Based on this data set, determine where in the world this data came from. The possible choices are:

Antofagasta, Chile (23°26’S, 70°26’W)

Arkhangelsk, Russia (64°34N, 40°31E)

Fort Smith, NWT, Canada (60°01’N, 111°57’W)

Iquitos, Peru (03°45’S, 073°15’W)

Miami, Florida (25°48’N, 080°18’W)

Minneapolis, Minnesota (44°52’N, 093°13’W)

Moline, Illinois (41°27’N, 090°30’W)

Yakutsk, Russia (62°10’N, 129°51E)

Remember, precipitation is a bar graph and temperature is a line graph. Answers can be done on back of graph.

Part II. Which city (from the list above) do you think your data set is from?

Part III. Support your answer based on the shape of the climate graph.*

*If you have a few options that seem similar, it may be necessary to research each location to help narrow down your answer.


Part IV. Describe the biome you believe your data set represents. (temperature, humidity, topography)

Things to think about:

Northern or southern hemisphere (seasons)?

Inland or coastal?


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