Characteristics Of The Measles Virus

Measles virus

Format (2pts): 2 pages with one inch margins, single spaced, Arial or

Helvetica font 12, divide the report into the following sub sections

listed below.

General Characteristics (6pts): includes information on cell

morphology and other general features of the organism (for example:

gram status, motility, intracellular pathogen, spore former, anaerobic

etc). Some pathogens may have been previously classified under a

different name or are still commonly referred to as a different name,

make sure to include this information. For viruses, describe the viral

particle, including features such as symmetry, whether an RNA or a

DNA virus, the genomic structure etc.

Encounter (4pts): Where is the organism found, including reservoirs,

how do we encounter it.

Disease Presentation (5pts): Describe all diseases associated with the

pathogen and infection. Be specific and thorough.

Entry, Spread, Multiplication/replication, Damage (10pts):

Describe how the pathogen enters the host, how it persists, strategies

for evasion of host immune defenses and survival, what is resultant

damage to host cells/tissues.

Virulence Factors/pathogenicity (7pts): Describe in detail the major

virulence factors utilized by this pathogen. Some pathogens may have

many so pick the most important and well studied. Others may not be

as well characterized, describe what is known. For viruses, talk about

the viral (or host associated) strategy to evade the immune system,

and to take over the host cell. Talk about latency or other mechanisms

of pathogenesis.

Prevention, Treatment (4pts): Describe any preventative therapies (eg

vaccine if available) or treatments that are used to effectively treat


Recent literature (10pts): Briefly summarize the most recent few

papers (2-3) on the pathogen, could include a description of a virulence

factor, a new treatment or case studies describing the incidence of

disease. Make sure to include these papers in your cited References.

References (2pts): Basically a Bibliography of the references you

have used to complete this report. Include websites and primary


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