Biology course questions, writing homework help

write a full 4 pages paper Double-Spaced Times New Roman 12 Point Font attached as a Microsoft Word document answering the following question:

Q-1 Describe the structures and properties of carbohydrates and lipids, including the different forms of these biomolecules that are present within the body. Be sure to discuss the different forms as well.

Q-2 The immune system is an important system that helps the body to fight against foreign invaders. Two important functions of the immune system, which involve antibodies that affect most people, are immunizations and allergies. Characterize the three types of immunities and the mechanisms that underlie allergic responses.

Hint: Immunization, Passive immunity, Active immunity. In addition to the hint above, remember to write about your understanding of Immunization and allergies in general.

please remember: As you write, this paper assume that your audience is a group of educated professionals who know and understand what you are going to discuss. This means that your paper must demonstrate that you have adequate knowledge as well.

please site your sources and this course uses this book: Principles of Human Physiology / Edition 5 by Cindy L. Stanfield

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