Auto cad Lab, engineering assignment help

In this lab, you will use the multi-line commands to create the walls of the layout plan on page182 (Figure 9.1) THREE times. You will add doors by using the block command or the Wblockcommand.(The only difference between the block command and wblock is that the wblock command allows you to save the object as a separate file)/

1. The first layout plan should look like drawing figure 9- 1 page 182.2.

2. The second layout plan, you may add dimensions. Your drawing should look like figure9- 3, page 184. Dimensions of numbers must be exact.

Note: you can draw the figures as it looks than change the numbers of the dimension to fit the drawings. Do not try to match exactly the drawing in terms of dimension. This is possible, but it could drive you crazy. Instead. use the modify text command. Go under modify; Click “text”; click on number in dimension; box multi-line text editor appears; insert new number between the brackets shown in this box.

3. On the third layout plan, insert the Furniture by using block and wblock command .Your drawing like should look like Figure 9-17 page 195. Answer questions (1 – 10) of chapter 9, pages 217 — 218