Autism Spectrum Disorder Among Children

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Autism Spectrum Disorder Among Children

Autism spectrum disorder is an extremely common developmental disorder that impacts communication and behavior. This disorder can be very challenging for anyone who has it and the disorder increases psychological issues. According to Helgeson (2017) “mental health, in particular depression, is clearly an important problem in our country”(p.633).

Research suggests autism spectrum disorder is more prevalent in males than females. Current findings prove more males are diagnosed with the disorder. Professionals analyze behavior and development to determine whether or not a child may have autism. There are no medical or even blood tests that can prove if someone has autism spectrum disorder.

Since the disorder impacts behaviors, communication and interactions, many children with autism have a great chance of experiencing mental health concerns. A child with higher level of functioning could develop anxiety due to knowing the disorder is impacting daily communication and interactions. Most children with the disorder need more attention in the academic setting, which could increase anxiety and other negative emotions. Behavioral and education therapy is the best treatment for a child diagnosed with autism.


Helgeson, V. S. (2017). Psychology of gender (5th ed.). New York, NY: Taylor and Francis.

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