Assignment 2: Course Project: Health Promotion Proposal

Assignment has almost 7 pages completed…. It is to be completed . Around 3 pages more and complete the references and APA format.  Due in 3 hours. Attached documents…

Assignment 2: Course Project: Health Promotion Proposal


This week, you will complete the final project. Gather all of the previous weeks’ work and utilize the feedback from the facilitator to improve your paper. The final section of the paper will be an evaluation plan which will allow a comprehensive review of the outcomes of your project. Put all of the sections of your paper together into one document and make sure that each section flows well to the next.


Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Describe a single health promotion/disease prevention problem. 10
Describe the target population and setting. 15
Describe how the selected problem applies to advanced practice in the student’s role option. 15
Provide an appropriate health promotion/disease prevention theoretical or conceptual framework. 30
Provide a review of literature related to interventions that address the problem. 30
Develop a research-based intervention to address the problem in the selected population/setting. 30
Description of intended outcomes. 15
Description of the evaluation plan to measure efficacy of the proposed intervention. 35
Use good writing skills, appropriate grammar, and application of APA formatting throughout paper, citations, and references. 20

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