Application of Schools of Thought to Research

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Application of Schools of Thought to Research

Using the school of thought you identified in the Contributions of Schools of Thoughts to Your Specialization discussion, apply it to the research topic you have chosen to explore. Using the four attributes descriptions from Unit 1, discuss how the principles, values, and subject matter of the school of thought help you frame your research topic in the context of theory. Also discuss how the school of thought affects your choice of questions and research methods .

Locate at least two articles on quantitative research methods, qualitative research methods, or other approved dissertation approaches (for example, program development). The articles should support your research topic. Briefly discuss how the questions you want to answer will affect the kind of research method you choose for your study, and how this method aligns with your chosen school of thought.

Response Guidelines

In responding to the posts of at least two of your peers, offer your analysis of the fit between the schools of thought and the research topics your peers chose. Would you agree with the choice, or perhaps suggest an alternate school of thought? Explain your reasons.

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