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One of the agencies that will be expected to respond to this disaster is the Federal Emergency Management Agency. This is the body mandated by the congressional law to ensure that offer emergency services in conjunction with homeland security (Homeland Security Council. 2010). The agency has the mandate to assess the situation immediately after it occurs and ascertain the extent of the damage and them advice on the necessary action required to save life and properties.

The other emergency agency can be the American Red Cross which will be instrumental in bringing reliefs to the disaster-hit region. The agency will be essential in ensuring there is reduced suffering. It assists in set up temporally shelters as well as provide clothing and food to the victims. Working together with FEMA, the Red Cross will be able to understand the extent of the damage and the disaster itself and also be able to get access to different government facilities that will provide the services to the victims (Homeland Security Council. 2010). In essence, with the agencies and the people, it will be much possible to respond to the issue and ensure that everything goes back to normal with an ease that is required.

What are some barriers if any that might hamper the communication efforts between the agencies list above? What strategies can be used to overcome those barriers?”

Respond to the 2 bold questions ABOVE base on the section above it… in APA format with At least two reference…..


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