A Cashier’s Story

Case Study 4

A Cashier’s Story

MFR Corporation is a food manufacturing company that started its operations in the 1960s. It is a labor-intensive corporation with about 3000 employees. It manufactures flour and soybeans as well as flour-based consumer products. The company’s products are withdrawn from the production warehouses, loaded into delivery trucks driven by salesmen, and are sold to retail outlets throughout the country. By the end of each day, the salesmen are required to remit and deposit their day’s collection to the cashiers at the main office. Every Friday, all remittances and collections for the week are deposited to the bank by the cashier.

Tony has been working as a cashier for more than ten (10) years. He started with the company fifteen (15) years ago as a Credit and Collection clerk and worked his way up to become a cashier. Before being promoted to cashier, Tony underwent a battery of psychological tests relevant to the position. He passed all the tests with above-average scores. This included an honesty and integrity test which highly qualified him for the position of cashier. His exemplary performance, honesty, and trustworthiness earned him the respect of both his supervisors and co-workers. Tony has always been responsible, punctual, and dedicated to his work. He has won an ”Outstanding Employee Award” five years after he assumed the position of Cashier. At one time, he badly needed a thousand dollars ($ 1000.00) and he was given a loan by the company, which he was able to pay back in due time.

One Friday in October 2015, Tony failed to report for work. He did not file any leave forms nor did he inform anybody of his intent to be absent in which he was very consistent in doing. When his supervisor called his phone, he did not answer. The following Monday, he still did not show up for work and was reported to the Human Resource Director. Coincidentally, the person who substituted for him in his absence reported a serious discrepancy in Tony’s cash collections. Records show that the previous week’s collection of about eighty-five thousand dollars

($ 85,000.00) was unaccounted. The amount was received from the salesmen but was not reported in the cashier’s collection records. Likewise, there was no record to show that the amount was deposited in the bank. This raised suspicion and after the failure of Tony to respond to repetitive phone calls and the fact that money could not be found, the company filed a complaint with the local police. He was accused of qualified theft.

More than a week after Tony went missing, he was located by the police in a local hospital watching over his 12-year-old son, who underwent a life-saving surgical operation. The Human Resource Manager who was notified by the police proceeded to the hospital and spoke with Tony. Tony who was teary-eyed, explained that he needed money to have the required surgery of his child who was near death. He explained further that he could not find any other source to finance the surgery as he has maxed out his loans from the company and that the amount he needed was beyond what the company policy can provide. Tony appealed to the company for understanding and leniency and committed to paying back the money that he took.

The incident became known throughout the company, and almost everybody who knew Tony was in disbelief. The Human Resource Director reviewed the company policy regarding this case which stated as follows:

Policy Statement:

“Stealing from the company is a serious offense. Any employee, regardless of employment status (temporary, contractual, permanent), who is found to have engaged in stealing money, property, or any physical asset belonging to the company, will be dismissed immediately and be barred from entering the company premises without permission. Such cases may be reported to the police and criminal complaints may be filed for legal disposition.”

The President of the company learned of the incident and he instructed the Human Resource Director to resolve the issue.

Discuss the pros and cons of this case considering all the issues presented above. If you were the Human Resource Director, how will you resolve this issue and what will be your recommendation to the President?

Please base your arguments on what you read and learned in Chapter 16.

In discussing this case, (minimum of two pages), please follow the format below:

1- Background Information

2- Description / Statement of the Problem

3- Discussion and Analysis of the Problem

4- Recommendations

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