1- When the nuclide strontium-90 undergoes beta decay:

1- When the nuclide strontium-90 undergoes beta decay:

a) The name of the product nuclide is ——

(b)The symbol for the product nuclide is——


The required masses (g/mol) are:= 1.00783 ;= 1.00867 ;= 36.94740.

3- gallium-6778.2 hours54.1111 hours


4- What is the half-life of thallium-210 if 4.62  minutes are required for the activity of a sample of thallium-210 to fall to 8.52 percent of its original value?

—— mins

5- selenium-75selenium-75

  • ——- protons
  • ——–neutrons
  • the number of protons in the product nuclide is: ——-
  • the number of neutrons in the product nuclide is: ——–
  • the name of the product nuclide is: ———

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